Events and Workshops

Tech-Orator - Think Technically, Present surpassingly

IEEE HIT SB has come up with a really exciting online event called "TECH-ORATOR" for the batches of 2018- 2022 and 2019- 2023 which will not only provide everyone with an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn new skills but will also provide all of them an opportunity to think, create and represent themselves technically. It will a platform for all the tech-enthusiast to not only develop but also to showcase there skills. A detailed information is attrached in the brochure along with the poster.

Armageddon v5.0

Attention HITIANS!! Here's a great news for all the robogeeks. The event ARMAGEDDON 6.O organized by the IEEE HIT SB is back. The event will include Roborush,Robowars and Autobot which will provide the participants with ample of opportunities to showcase their skills and win the prizes.


IEEE is all set to introduce the best of ROBOTICS in HIT with 'FIX-A-ROBO', a workshop on wireless bots. So gird yourself and get registered for the exciting adventure of Robotics and gear up for a new level towards automation. Registrations opening from 16th January,2020 Timing:4:30pm - 6:00pm Venue- IEEE HIT SB OFFICE (1st floor, beside EE department) STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER UPDATES


Just have a look around! Did you just saw an electrical circuit?? Oh yes! But have u ever thought what this big circuit is made up of? Hello freshers! IEEE HIT SB welcomes you to the very first workshop of 'CIRCUITRIX' - a workshop where you will be learning to make some really interesting circuits using some basic electrical components.